Our Process

We strive to ensure the strategic goals of our candidates and clients are achieved through a customized recruitment and placement process.


We get to know our candidates. We identify your strengths and learn what you’re passionate about. We work with many of the country’s most successful and influential law firms, and will find the one that is the best fit for you.

What sets us apart from other recruiters is that we build a foundation of trust with you. We take pride in meeting with nearly all candidates in-person and maintaining regular contact throughout the placement process. We want to help you elevate your career and by identifying the firm and opportunity where you can do your best work. We accept continuous feedback from law firms and candidates, get involved with negotiations and even help you say goodbye to your current employer.


Walker Associates can connect you with the superstars who will elevate your law firm’s performance. We make sure to completely understand your needs and your description of an ideal attorney or group. This way when we present our candidates, you’ll know that much of the grunt work has been accomplished, enabling you to focus on the details that really matter.

With decades of combined experience working with industry leaders, we understand that law firms and leaders like you have critical responsibilities. Who and when you hire can affect clients, culture and your bottom line. We take our position in the hiring process very seriously, and only present candidates who we feel will exceed expectations and bring value to your firm.

The Walker Way

Our business style and market insight give our clients and candidates advantages far beyond the competition.

  • Knowledge and Influence: We closely monitor our industry and make only the most careful recommendations.
  • Selectivity: We maintain the quality of our candidates and search assignments through thorough vetting and analysis.
  • Focus: We understand the legal environment of New York City and provide leadership in that niche.

Strategic Placements

When the right opportunity arises, we know which candidates are the best fit. As expert matchmakers with longstanding relationships with New York’s top law firms, we have the right insight to match your talent up with their needs, to assure the best possible pairing.

Decision Makers

Law firm practice leaders and senior management trust us to present candidates who’ll best help them achieve their long-term goals. Should you fit their ideal description, we’ll connect you directly with these decision-makers for meetings.

The Walker Network

With our deep experience and industry connections, we have direct access to New York’s legal elite. Whether you’re a rising star or a veteran lawyer, we can pair you with the law firm in need of your expertise.

Peace of Mind

In addition to being matchmakers, we are also team players and strive to represent the interests of clients on both sides of the table. We also place special value on confidentiality and understand the sensitive nature of a transition.

The Decision

By this point, it’s typically clear if we’ve made the right match, and our goal is to assure that all parties will benefit before they commit to each other. We will maintain our objectivity, and counsel you to make the right decision.